KELLO Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio
KELLO Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

This radio gets all the NOAA 7-channel weather channels.

Further to this, it plays the FM/AM/SW channels.

The wonderful-looking radio stays true to its course – broadcasting emergency weather alerts for your places as they come.

It comes with an Alarm Mode with L.E.D. Flashlight alert spec, where the radio remains silent until it gets a weather alert and activates the alarm and flashlight alert systems.

It also boasts a crystal loud, clear speaker that permits you to broadcast from all stations, even when running heavily or in an extreme thunderstorm.

It also provides the AUX input choice to plug in your earphones to stay linked anywhere.

As for the energy source, this radio comes with a 600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Alternatively, you can power it using three PCS AAA batteries.

You will have multiple choices for recharging the battery, including A.C., DC, hand crank, and solar.

For included ease during emergency and survival conditions, the radio appears with a 3 L.E.D. Flashlight, an alarm clock, and a smartphone charger.

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Features KELLO Emergency Solar Hand

  • TK-669I is an emergency radio that contains a 2200mAh power bank, able to provide urgent power for any little table P.C. or mobile phone, as an emergency portable battery charger with a built-in standard 5V DC USB output port for charging mobile gadgets, such as G.P.S. gadgets, smartphones, digital cameras, etc.
  • The battery with 2200mAhm, a solar crank, and a solar panel offers unlimited battery power. The radio crank lever and solar panel can produce sufficient energy to keep the radio when desired.
  • Set the TK-669I radio to alert mode, which mechanically activates when it gets an alert signal from NOAA weather stations.
  • Complete and perfect coverage of FM/AM, two-band shortwave, and seven NOAA preprogrammed weather channels for sports, enjoyment, latest news around the planet, and 24/7 real-time weather forecasts with PEAS, broadcast emergency weather alerts for your places such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe storms.

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KELLO Emergency Hand Crank Portable Radio
KELLO Emergency Hand Crank Portable Radio


The Kello is officially certified by NOAA and has preprogrammed seven emergency NOAA weather stations, which will alert users of stormy weather and emergencies (the KELLO has an alert setting that can be turned on).

Unlike Midland, the brand also has access to FM/AM stations.

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KELLO Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

Kello radio is a multi-purpose model, solving most of your issues regarding reception and tuning. You will see that it is a heavy unit, highlighting its durability, which is complemented by impressive specs to form a potent combination.

It has a two-band shortwave, but significantly there are eight preloaded weather stations 24 x 7 coverage on cyclones and storms. You can sufficiently prepare for an impending hurricane with true-time updates and a public emergency alert system.

Additionally, it supplies power to your tablet and phone for emergency charging. But that is not all; the built-in D.C. 5V USB output ensures that your digital camera on the G.P.S. device has ample power.

Now, there are four ways to charge this radio. The clearest among them is solar charging, but the designers have added a micro-USB and 3 A.A.A. batteries if that does not work. Anyway, in times of need, the hand-crank permits self-charging. It delivers the best performance, proving suitable for many objectives.

Advantages of Kello emergency solar radio

A solar panel is beneficial in lots of ways. Whether you want your radio to be an emergency radio or a radio included in your outdoor gear, you can buy a solar radio. Let’s look at the benefits of using your solar radio as an emergency radio.

Using radio in emergencies can be the difference between death and life. Most have the 7 NOAA channels preprogrammed for weather alerts and updates. The weather channels would tell you to take cover in the event of a genuine issue. The specs on the emergency radios are advantageous as well.

They will permit you to use them as a power bank to charge devices, so 911 can be called if required. They may also have an S.O.S. alarm to help locate you and a flashlight in case of an energy outage—the L.E.D. Flashlights will shine brightly. The top advantage of all these solar radios has many power sources to keep the radio working whenever required.

There are many advantages if you want to use your solar radio to include your outdoor gear. Besides the benefit of using it as an emergency radio, the solar radio will work as a radio so you can listen to your beloved songs while enjoying the outdoors.

You can have almost twelve hours of radio on most solar radios. You can use most of them as an energy bank to keep other gear charged, like cameras or mobile devices. The led flashlight will guide you in the dark, and the weather channels will inform you of emergency weather.

Owning a solar radio has many advantages, and it comes down to the objective you have for the solar radio. The benefits come from the plethora of specs each radio provides.

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What could have been better?

While there are many standard functions, one issue is that this radio is quite large for backpacking. You can still carry it but might not feel as relaxed as other models.

Also, there is no battery meter, meaning knowing how long the battery will last will be challenging.

Buying guide for the best solar radios

Even though not everyone listens to the radio in the current new world of the internet, it can still be a remarkable way to stay updated with news.

Because of this, radios are still pretty handy in case of natural disasters or around remote places where you might not get internet coverage.

You can go with the Kello solar radio if you also want a radio.  

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While a solar radio is initially made for listening to F.M. and AM radio stations, almost all provide many functions. Such solar radios with different parts are pretty handy for different scenarios.

Some general functions you can find among solar radios contain options like a flashlight that can be handy during the dark, a power bank feature for charging your mobile gadget, and even some S.O.S. alarm functions. And any solar radio specifying multiple parts will be versatile for most users.

Battery capacity

Even though a solar radio initially relies on an inbuilt solar panel for its power needs, it will still have an inbuilt battery. This not only permits you to use your solar radio at night, but it can also be handy for features like working as a power bank for charging your mobile gadget.

Hence, checking the battery capacity for a more extended backup is vital. While entry-level solar radios may be rated for a battery capacity of up to two thousand mAh or similar, top-end options can even come with five-thousand mAh batteries for much longer battery life.

Power source

While a solar radio initially relies on its inbuilt solar panel for its power rouse, many also provide other power source options. This initially contains USB power for charging through a USB power adapter.

In some cases, a solar radio may also provide a hand crank for manually charging your solar radio if there is no electricity or sunlight. If you want a solar radio for emergencies, having such different power sources is forever handy.

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After picking the best solar radio for your preferences and needs, you would also want your solar radio to be very reliable for emergency usage. Thankfully, you can make sure the same by checking their added warrant.

Almost all solar radios have a one-year extended warranty, which is forever fabulous. But if you want something more reliable, a few solar radios may even spec a lifetime warranty for your relaxation of mind.

Kello Solar Crank NOAA Weather Radio For Emergency


The Kello has a much little L.E.D. It displays than the Midland and does not have a clock feature.

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