FOSPOWER 2376 Solar Hand Crank Radio Review
FOSPOWER 2376 Solar Hand Crank Radio Review

You’ll run out of power with this variant, as it’s only capable of staying always charged thanks to the multiple charging ways, but it can give energy to your tablet and phone when the battery goes down.

Furthermore, it features several attractive functions made to enhance its usability and provide you whole the essential info in an emergency.

Features FOS POWER Solar Hand Crank Radio

This emergency radio‘s main purpose is to keep posted with everything that is occurring around you so you can make the top decisions to protect yourself against harsh weather situations or natural extreme disasters, so it’d be running and screening for notifications even when the power off.

FOSPOWER 2376 Solar Hand Crank Radio Review
FOS POWER 2376 Solar Hand Crank Radio Review

With FOS POWER 2376 Solar Hand Crank Radio, you would not have to worry that you’ll remain in the dark, as it features more than 1 changing way:

  • AAA batteries – available whenever you can’t charge it with solar power
  • Solar panel – allows you to utilize solar power to keep your device running.
  • Crank lever – provides an inexhaustible source of power, as it lets you charge your radio manually.

Plus, for the day by day activities, there’s always the plug-in cord that makes sure a reliable, long term power source.

Two light sources are forever available and powered by similar energy sources. A four LED light and flashlight provide the best output for you to find your way in the dark when an emergency strikes.

When the battery goes down, you do not necessarily here to announce your phone or tablet, as the radio comes with a 2000mAh battery power that can keep small communication devices running for you to keep in contact with your loved one.


  • Four LED light reading light
  • Various charging system
  • Decent battery life


  • Little heavy to carry

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