RunningSnail NOAA Weather Radio for Emergency Review
RunningSnail NOAA Weather Radio for Emergency Review

RunningSnail NOAA: When it comes to the convenience that technology brought to us, you will surely get overwhelmed by the vast array of gadgets and tools that we can use to make our lives a lot better, but if you come to think of it, can you truly rely on these devices when it comes to some real-life emergency situations?


RunningSnail NOAA Weather Radio
RunningSnail NOAA Weather Radio

For sure a lot of people will panic in this situation, that is why emergency portable radios will never go obsolete.

These handheld radio receivers will make sure that in times of emergency, you will not get cut off from the world as it will help you stay communicated and will not cease its function in times of emergency or disaster.

An emergency radio or portable weather radio is the most advanced and innovative type of receiver which is designed specifically for emergency weather radio announcements and national broadcasting system announcements to keep you updated on the most important things to do in times of emergency.

If you found yourself and your loved ones in an emergency situation, the best weather radio will allow you to receive a signal from NOAA weather station and receive broadcasts of the latest weather updates, latest emergency announcements and other important information that serves very crucial in keeping you safe and sound that modern technology cannot provide you.

If you want to buy a portable emergency radio, you might read some important considerations so that you will buy nothing less but the best portable emergency radio out there.

  • Determine the size- Always put in your mind that size always matters. Make sure that the emergency radio’s size and weight can be carried around conveniently. Make sure it is compact in size and weighs less than a pound.
  • Durable- The best weather radio to buy is very reliable and sturdy enough to survive extreme weather conditions. In times of disaster, your condition will always be less than favorable, that is why you should make sure it is sturdy enough to survive in situations like this.
  • Check the features- The best handheld weather radio have its own flashlight that can be used during power outages. It should also have a long-battery-life that can run in a long period of time during power outages and has a portable charging port for smartphones, also check if it has a crank charging feature, an electric plug, or a solar panel.
  • RunningSnail Solar Crank NOAA Weather Radio for Emergency- RunningSnail has been in the market for the past decades and one of the leading manufacturers of modern receivers and weather radio brands now it introduces its emergency radio which can be yours at $29.90 in Amazon that has an am FM weather portable radio.


  • Table lamp with an LED flashlight perfect during blackouts and power outages making it the best portable weather radio.
  • Hand crank charging feature with 2000mAh rechargeable batteries that last 12 hours.
  • Three-way charging options; hand-crank, and solar panel.

RunningSnail NOAA


“I loved it. It comes with three triple A batteries with a very nice touch and controls in it. I also used its USB cord for charging the battery. There was one time when there was a power outage due to the heavy snowstorm that hit our place, and all I did was listen to the AM radio for the latest weather updates the entire night until the lights turned back on, and surprisingly the radio was still up. I never regret spending thirty dollars for this when I found it in a weather alert radio reviews,”— William Elkins.

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