Emergency NOAA Weather Crank Solar Powered Portable Radio
Emergency NOAA Weather Crank Solar Powered Portable Radio

Emergency crank radio which will telecast the current weather and hazard information for your area in time, such as hurricane, earthquake, blizzard, tornado, or any other natural issue, best for your power your phone, the light your way in energy outage.

Features Emergency NOAA Weather Crank Solar Powered Portable Radio

  • 4000 mAh USB cell phone charger for both Android and lightning gadgets
  • SOS Alarm with flashing light
  • 1W LED flashlight is very bright – 100 lumen
  • Seven NOAA channels to get new weather and hazard detail
  • NOAA weather alert to tell you at the first time when lousy weather appears
  • AUX music player to let you relax and pleasure your time
  • Four ways to energy to keep the radio on and no hesitation about a dead radio
Emergency NOAA Weather Crank Solar Powered Portable Radio
Emergency NOAA Weather Crank Solar Powered Portable Radio

Rechargeable battery-operated radio

  • Solar power – natural light or direct sunlight up to twelve hours for a complete charge
  • Micro USB- link the emergency crank radio to an energy source like a wall charger and completely charge the radio as quickly as five hours
  • Hand Crank – One minute of cranking the solar crank radio supports thirty minutes of light and 15-20 minutes of radio usage. At this rate, the emergency radio can be completely charged in eight hours.
  • AAA Batteries – three AAA batteries (not added)


4000 maH rechargeable power bank

Emergency weather radio offers 4000mAh power for charging your mobile phone or any other USB gadget through Micro-USB cable directly in an emergency.

AUX music player

Link your phone to get some music you wanted and listen to remarkable music when driving.

Flashlight radio

1W brighter LED flashlight will forever light your road and no longer have to hesitate about energy outage.

As a gift for your family

This is a famous and cute emergency solar radio. As a radio/flashlight/charger, every person should need one in your backpack, in your vehicle, in the basement.

Latest design

Huge LCD display reminds you of the low battery, improves 4000mAh rechargeable battery, appears with AUX music player, is perfect for open-air activities such as kayaking, hiking, camping, etc.

This radio offers a hundred percent refund promise and friendly customer service. If you are not relaxed with the emergency weather radio or have any questions about the item.

Emergency radio

With this FM/AM & NOAA weather radio around, it will telecast the new emergency weather alerts in your areas such as tornadoes, hurricanes and extreme storms, emergency radio keeps your household prepared for the bad weather emergency, up to ten hours of playtime on a complete charge.

Charge your phone

Do not let your mobile die when you need it most, such as power outage. A weather radio with 4000 mAh can be powered by your cell more.

Just plug your phone or USB gadgets into the USB port of this emergency radio for some extra juice.

SOS Alarm

A top standard crank weather radio is perfect for disaster preparedness and extreme weather situations. This handy tool emergency radio comes equipped with white lights that provide bright light when power outages hit hard and a built-in 4000 mAh lithium battery so you will never be left in the dark, simply to catch people’s focus with SOS alarm.