AcuRite 01535M 5-in-1 Weather Station
AcuRite 01535M 5-in-1 Weather Station

Whether you are a weather follower or want to know if you should wear a sweatshirt or shorts, the AcuRite 5-in-1 weather station is best for you.

Just mount the sensor outside and plug in your colorful HD display to confidently plan your day.

Features AcuRite 01535M 5-in-1 Weather Station

  • The main display shows a weather station overview adding an on-display rain gauge that illustrates the day’s rainfall amount.
  • Turn on sleep mode for easy nighttime viewing.
  • Scroll through multiple displays to view low and high records, hourly trend graphs, and an indoor relax icon.
  • Wind speed and wind direction
  • A barometric force with future forecast
  • Outdoor temperature and humidity
AcuRite 01535M 5-in-1 Weather Station
AcuRite 01535M 5-in-1 Weather Station

Advantages AcuRite 01535M 5-in-1 Weather Station

Outdoor situations

Are you unsure if you need an umbrella or should put on a short pair?

With the AcuRite 5-in-1 weather station, you will forever know the open-air situations outside your door without stepping outside or turning on the news.

Home Health

Humidity and temperature play a big part in the health of your house.

Too high humidity can cause mold to grow, making your house unhealthy for you and your dear ones.

The AcuRite 5-in-1 display reads your indoor temperature and humidity so that you forever know your home’s health.

Future forecast

Do you want to know what the weather will be in your neighborhood, not forty miles away?

The show has a self-Calibrating forecast that pulls data from the sensor in your backyard to provide the correct 12-24 hour forecast for your right place.

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Additional features

You can set alarms for alerts whenever the system gets a threshold valve set by you, and then you can accordingly take match actions.

For example, high temperature or rainfall prediction or humidity, wind speed, etc., can activate an alarm and support you in better managing your garden, farm, or lawn.

Additionally, you can integrate this gadget with the lighting detector, boosting your gadget’s functionality.

Check for its power needs while installing the gadget and place it in a perfect location so you can easily access the station whenever you want.

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Should you buy it?

Weather stations are significant in farming and other research activities; finding answers to all questions concerning nature’s behavior is essential.

It is a valuable tool regarding reliable guess and ultra-accurate sensor reading, even at home or work.

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AcuRite 01535M 5-in-1 Weather Station with HD Display

$154.99  in stock
5 used from $145.27
Free shipping
as of December 6, 2023 8:01 am

AcuRite 01535M 5-in-1 Weather Station

The 5-in-1 weather station with HD display specs latest weather tracking capabilities. AcuRite’s proven 5-in-1 weather sensor tracks wind direction and speed offers a rain gauge, and measures humidity and temperature.

The HD display specs built-in sensors that measure indoor temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity. It also provides dynamic graphics and the capability to toggle between outdoor weather and inside comfort, plus daily and monthly records dashboards.

  • The best spec of this setup is the display panel’s home screen, which provides match data analyzed and presented in a suitable format to help you understand.
  • It also contains specs like the calculation of place-specific dew points, the rain gauge, which tells you the day’s rainfall amount, etc.
  • Additionally, you can set up an alarm to inform you about the controlled attributes you set it for. The details contain alarms for specific physical parameters such as the percentage humidity, the probability of downpours or wind speed, etc.
  • The built-in device, such as the thermometer, provides many inputs to the display, which helps you keep a tab on indoor situations.
  • Get complete access to monthly data for an entire year relating to temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc.
  • You customize the dashboard to show the information you want and light settings such as nighttime seeing in the bedroom.

First impression

AcuRite impressed us with the build standard. The product dimension is 0.6 x 7.6 x 5.5 inches. Do not expect it to be battery-run; the display plugs into a wall outlet with an adapter. This adapter makes sure the proper power supply forms the power socket.

The panel looks relaxed and remarkably adds to your home for all objectives. The customer support is fantastic and truly helpful in solving any queries.

What is in the box?

It comes in a well-packed box. Use 4 AAA batteries for the sensor arrangement to move the data from the sensors to the display console. You may use lithium batteries if you plan to mount the gadget in inaccessible areas.

Watch out for the user manual and installation guide, and ensure you read all the information in these books. It will help you understand your product perfectly and install it correctly.

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Performance & Accuracy

AcuRite is run by a state-of-the-art, high-precision five-in-1 weather sensor that measures five different situations: wind speed, rainfall, wind direction, humidity, and outdoor temperature.

The sensors are lab tested to deliver the performance as guessed, as it has undergone extreme experimentation to ensure that it matches all of your expectations. AcuRite follows industry-specific international and safety standards to ensure the products deliver as advertised.

Its build standard and design are tested in labs to ensure it withstands some high weather situations and in coastal areas to reject rusting. It is made up of one of the best plastics to stop rusting.

AcuRite 01535M 5-in-1 Weather Station with HD Display

$154.99  in stock
5 used from $145.27
Free shipping
as of December 6, 2023 8:01 am


  • An intuitive user interface with an HD dashboard presents you with the information you want in a managed manner. You can also toggle between many screens easily.
  •  AcuRite weather sensor is lab tested to make sure of data.
  • This AcuRite model can save daily data regularly for up to one year.
  • The complete setup is wireless.
  •  There are external add-ons accessible to improve the functionality of this setup.
  • The installation guide indicates that the weather station is straightforward to set up with a few easy steps.
  • You also get a two-year battery life, which fits the domain.
  • It can work under high temperatures and down to -40F and C.
  • Best warranty coverage for the product and best customer support through the internet and over the phone.
  • Best value for money matched to its counterpart’s accessible in the market.


  • The dim spec of the monitor is not up to mark, and it is very bright for a bedroom.
  • A battery backup is provided for the monitor in case you lose energy.
  • Limited color choices are accessible, which otherwise would have improved the artistic appeal of the gadget that would match up with the decoration of your home.
  • The outside unit is made almost entirely of plastic which can be of concern in case you live in areas that witness high weather situations.

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Value for money

In shopping, you will have options for weather stations to buy. You can find them for precisely cheap, or the general rule is if you spend more cash, the better standard, and more whistles and bells.

Buying the weather station is exceptionally lovely. And the cost to you is minimal for the standard and amount of weather instruments you get.

You will be stepping into a new excellent weather world if you decide.

Top suggestion accessory items

The AcuRite 06045M lighting detector sensor seems to be the latest sensor many people are attracted to.

  • Their interest is compelling in this relatively new sensor. This sensor can be included in the 0155M 5-in-1 weather station.
  • Notices lightning strikes within twenty-five miles with light and audible alarm notification
  • Measures open-air temperature and humidity and is weather-resistant
  •  Transmits data every twenty-four seconds with a robust wireless range of up to 330 feet

The lightning sensor can be tied in with the five-in-1 model easily.

Where to buy

I am advising you to buy it now through Amazon. The item is discounted, and it is straightforward to click on the link here and be taken to your purchase.

You will probably be capable of getting it shipped to your door with free shipping.

You will get an Amazon satisfaction promise when you buy from Amazon. Their specs that millions of pleased customers enjoy daily can be yours.

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AcuRite 5-in-1 Weather Station – App + Tech Review 

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AcuRite 01535M 5-in-1 Weather Station with HD Display

$154.99  in stock
5 used from $145.27
Free shipping
as of December 6, 2023 8:01 am

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