Retekess V111 Portable Shortwave Radios
Retekess V111 Portable Shortwave Radios

V111 digital radio with DSP technology-based design, DSP is a signal modulation method, and now most radios are built with a DPSP feature, with DSP bettering the radio receiver sensitivity.

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Portable handheld FM/AM radio

Support FM/AM/SW 2 band stereo radio, auto search or manual search, lots of choices for radio fans.

Single FM/AM switch key, simple to switch to your favorite band battery-operated, small pocket-sized, and portable to carry anywhere.

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Features Retekess Portable Shortwave Radios

  • Portable radio, little (4.9 x 3 x 0.8 in) and light (5.3 oz); extremely simple to put in your pocket or backpack and use outside or traveling.
  • Run by 1.5 AA batteries, the digital radio has a DC 5V socket, and 1.5 V rechargeable lithium batteries are advised.
  • Three-band radio, and FM bands, also support Japanese and Russian bands, which is perfect for foreign travel.
  • Three tuning techniques, mechanical search and storage, manual search and storage, semi-mechanical search for stations, and sixty station storage places
  • Favorite keys: you can save the most frequently used station to the “favorite key,” then press it every time to fast switch to the dedicated station when you want to listen.
  • FM stereo headphone jack: via the 3.5mm headphone jack, you can enjoy stereo FM broadcasting at home and abroad
  • Lock key: long press to lock display to reject misoperation when putting it in your pocket
  • The Independent key switch turns on the power switch to show the standby clock and turns off the power switch to reject wasting energy.

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Retekess V111 radio is designed with a much-loved key to enter your favorite station directly: you can set up a regular listening FM frequency; after setting it successfully, you can listen to it and press the favorite button.

V111 portable FM/AM clock radio comes with FM and AM bands, diminutive pocket size, the best reception, and is simple to carry anywhere.

Built-in loudspeaker and earphone jack, a prominent built-in speaker makes a loud and clear sound; it can simply fill a room with your favorite radio stations; with the 3.5 mm earphone jack, you can own some private area to enjoy the radios.

It also specs a line in recording and radio recording capabilities. You pick the recording standard. There are three options to choose from. You can go for 64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, or 96 Kbps.

Whatever you record will be saved on the MicroSD card. The highest card capacity permitted is 32GB. Do bear in mind that the card is not included in the package.

This portable radio also has a 3.5 mm AUX input that you can use for a pair of headphones or earphones.

The radio has inside batteries that you can recharge. You can restore it using your computer and the added USB capability.

Retekess V115 Portable Shortwave Radio,Digital Radio Battery Powered, and V111 Shortwave Radio with Best Reception, Small Radio AM FM Bundle

$32.99  in stock
as of May 20, 2024 8:58 pm

Retekess V111 Digital Radio AM FM, Portable Radio with Headphones, AA Battery Operated Radio, Support Broader FM Bands, Ideal for Travel (Black)

$14.99  in stock
as of May 20, 2024 8:58 pm

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Advantages of Retekess v111 radio

Rotating antenna for best reception

The Retekess V111 is a phone with a rotating antenna on the top, permitting you to keep the gadget in your pocket while it is still linked and receiving calls. 

Portable radio with FM and digital features

This compact radio is best for those needing portable entertainment on the go. With a built-in rechargeable battery, this digital player and FM can be charged wherever you are.

It comes with an auxiliary cable that allows you to connect it to most gadgets without missing out on any specs because it also has Bluetooth capability.

Alarm clock, clock, and sleep timer function

This Retekess V111 is a multifunctional clock, sleep timer, and alarm clock. This digital device has a built-in speaker that lets you listen to your favorite radio or songs at any time of the day.

It can also work as an MP3 player on the go, so it is best for sleeping alarms away from home.

Stereo speakers and headphone jack

The Retekess V111 has stereo headphone speakers and a jack that makes it simple to listen to music on the go. There are volume controls, so you can turn down or up the sound as required while driving or in any other condition where you might want to adjust things.

This little gadget is also waterproof, so no worries if you spill your drink on it. It is unlike anything else because of its variety of specs, including a flexible design around your neck and standard-size batteries for any help from jogging and cycling to snorkeling.

Powered by 2 x AA batteries

The Retekess V111 is a solid handheld electric whisk powered by either DC 5V or 2x AA batteries.

With its steadfast construction and high-standard materials like stainless steel blades, this potent product will last long enough to cook multiple batches of tasty cakes.

It also has an auto shut-off feature to ensure the best possible performance, and it uses a flip lid to ensure you do not get any batter on your hands when preparing food for yourself or others.

Sleep with the radio at night.

The Retekess V111 is a great little clock radio spec integrated iPod docking station. The excellent standard of the Retekess V111 is also quite notable, with a power output of up to 107 dB and mechanical volume control.

The sleep timer lets you fall asleep while listening to music or using your favorite AM/FM dial settings, so when it is time for work in the morning, you will be pleasantly shocked by how well-rested you are.

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Can I use a shortwave radio during emergencies?

If you think of talking to anyone using your radio, you will need a ham or a CB radio. They are more significant during emergencies. Generally, a tabletop shortwave radio or a portable edition will not permit you to discuss. You can, anyway, listen to emergency broadcasts and the latest news on developing conditions.

Actually, during mass power failures or similar disasters, a shortwave radio will become an instrument for you about what is happening all around you. It will also help you stay informed about different emergency services.

If your shortwave radio has VHF reception features, you can also tune into NOAA weather channels to get an update on weather situations.

Can I listen to international and domestic broadcasting with shortwave radios?

Many religious, political, and alternative media telecast on shortwave bands. Not just them; there are commercial and non-commercial networks as well that do the same.

Many countries will telecast in shortwave bands and provide music, news, and propaganda channels. You can listen to all of these and get a better perspective of different cultures around the planet.

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Is this type of technology reliable?

Shortwave radio technology has not replaced much in about a century now. What has replaced it is the complexity of the shortwave receiver. The latest designs incorporate impressive specs that were impossible to conceive about fifty or sixty years ago.

The rising number of specs is what makes picking shortwave radios so complex. Take time to check out what you need, and then go for a shortwave radio covering all or most of your needs.

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End words

The Retekess V111 is a shortwave radio used in the home or a vehicle. It has a fantastic range of frequencies, the best sound standard, and simple-to-use specs.

It is also a shockingly affordable product. This would be an excellent choice for those looking for simplicity without sacrificing reliability or performance.

Retekess V115 Portable Shortwave Radio,Digital Radio Battery Powered, and V111 Shortwave Radio with Best Reception, Small Radio AM FM Bundle

$32.99  in stock
as of May 20, 2024 8:58 pm

Retekess V111 Digital Radio AM FM, Portable Radio with Headphones, AA Battery Operated Radio, Support Broader FM Bands, Ideal for Travel (Black)

$14.99  in stock
as of May 20, 2024 8:58 pm

Retekess V115 Shortwave Radio, AM FM Radio Digital Tuner, Rechargeable Radio Support Recording, Portable MP3 Radio with Bass and TF Socket (Black)

 in stock
as of May 20, 2024 8:58 pm

Retekess V117 Analog AM FM Radio, Transistor Shortwave Radio Powered by AA Battery, Portable Elderly Radio with Large Knobs and Clear Dial (Black)

 in stock
2 new from $16.99
Free shipping
as of May 20, 2024 8:58 pm

Retekess V115 Digital AM FM Radio, Portable Shortwave Radio, Support TF Card and Recording, and TR618 Tabletop Shortwave Radio, Personal AM FM SW Radio, Powered by AC or D Battery

 in stock
as of May 20, 2024 8:58 pm

Retekess TR614 Portable Shortwave Radios, AM FM Radios with Best Reception, Retro Transistor Radio with Clear Dial and Large Knob, Ideal for Home (Black)

 out of stock

Retekess TR602 Digital Radios, Radios Portable AM FM, Stereo Rechargeable Radio Supports TF USB Port, Sleep Timer and Hand-Free for Home or Outdoor

 in stock
as of May 20, 2024 8:58 pm

, Wind Up Radio Supports SOS Alert, AM FM SW, Flashlight, TF Port, Clock(Green)

 out of stock

Retekess TR613 Portable Shortwave Radios, AM FM Radios with Best Reception, Transistor Radio Support TF Card and Backlight LCD Display (Black)

 out of stock


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