Rocam Emergency Hand Crank Portable Radio Solar Power Camping
Rocam Emergency Hand Crank Portable Radio Solar Power Camping

This is the type of radio that users carry around, cranking up some hardcore music. You would need an engineering degree to truly understand all the ways this moveable camping radio can be powered.

It has a crank lever and solar panel, and AAA batteries can also be used.

Rocam can also be plugged directly to the DC power recharged and adapter.

This is an SW, AM, and FM radio, with best receptions.

It is mainly programmed to make it simple for you to find whether channels-alert signals and dirty weather signals will have the best priority.

Rocam Emergency Hand Crank Portable Radio Solar Power Camping
Rocam Emergency Hand Crank Portable Radio Solar Power Camping

Features Rocam Emergency Hand Crank Portable

Five-way powered portable hand-crank radio

This weather radio supports five-way to keep gadgets powered. It comes with a 2000mAh rechargeable power bank to charge your mobile phone, tablets, and any other smart gadgets.

In case the built-in Li-ion battery is power off, the solar panel and the crank levels can keep your radio run.

You can install three AAA batteries in the compartment when you are not capable to regenerate power, also you can place the radio in a wall with DC power adapter.

Brighter flashlight to stay safe

Light is vital when you are in the dark, this crank radio comes with three Watt flashlight and a six LED reading lamp, which are brighter than other general radios in the market.

With simple to reach switch key at the right side, user-friendly design adjusts the light source of the reading lamp to the front, making it simple for users to set and manage the radio when they are open-air.

Extra loud SOS Alarm with flashing Red light and compass

Just press the SOS key for asking for help in case you are in danger, such as hurricane, storm, and tornadoes, or in case you would like to warn someone else, the SOS alert is very loud and can be heard miles away.

The compass linked on the carry strap can guide you in the right direction when you lose your way.

FM/SW/AM radio with an amazing reception

This moveable radio has a big variety of band reception of FM, AM, NOAA and small weather stations with the comprehensive telescopic antenna up to 10.3, which has brilliant reception than others.

Also, there are seven weather channels are pre-programmed and numbered with one to seven so you can simply find your domestic weather station, and get the alert signals from the NOAA weather signals if there is an extreme weather hazard in your place.

Waterproof shell & compact size

The size for this weather radio is just alike with an iPhone X, and we have added a carry strap and a hang buckle and it is made of powerful ABS material which is IPX3 water resistance.

Extremely convenient to carry for traveling, camping, backpacking, traveling, or any other outdoor activities.

Conclusion Rocam Emergency Portable Radio Solar Power Camping

A ROCAM weather radio is a moveable radio designed for not just emergency applications but just for daily use.

Users can access information and news quicker with this little radio for FM/AW/NOAA/SW weather alert.

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