Best NOAA Weather Radio
Best NOAA Weather Radio

If you are looking for top-rated NOAA weather radio, Midland HH50 Pocket is the best choice.

It provides NOAA broadcasts 24/7 and keeps you informed about severe weather conditions to make you secure from any eventuality.

The automatic alert system keeps you informed about your specific area’s weather and civil emergency threats. This radio features a test button to make sure that the alert system is working all the time appropriately.

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If you cannot purchase Midland HH50 Pocket, then VonHaus Weather Channel Radio is the best alternative and best-suited choice.

Comparison of Table

Name Key features Image
Midland HH50 Pocket Secure you and your family from eventuality by an automatic alert system

Provides flawless operation that a test button/safety can check

Provides automatic scan to detect NOAA channels

Midland HH50 Pocket
VonHaus Weather Channel Radio Offers multi-purposes like alert message reception, simple entertainment

It can be used to navigate unknown places and dark surroundings with a compass and flashlight.

It is recharged by solar light and by computer using a USB wire.

VonHaus Weather Channel Radio
La Crosse Technology 810-163TWR It is equipped with a USA IC chip offering proper reception regardless of the weather conditions.

Featured by the ability to program the unit and only receive warnings from NOAA

They are designed to offer a flashlight feature.

La Crosse Technology 810-163TWR

Top Features of NOAA Weather Radio

A weather radio provides both standard AM/FM frequencies. However, most weather radios transmit both AM or FM radio signals and pull seven NOAA weather radio frequencies.

These weather alert radios receive information and alert you about natural disasters, severe weather conditions, Civil-emergencies, and terrorist threats.

NOAA weather radio
NOAA Weather Radio

Versatile power options

Most of the portable models are powered by 3A batteries. These devices offer a diversity of power options, giving you the freedom to use lithium, alkaline, standard, or rechargeable batteries. If the primary power source is batteries, you should choose models that provide good battery life that is least supplemented with AC power options for extended use.

Precious emergency radio features

Weather radio devices designed with a public alert system or NWR all-hazard logo met the National weather service standards. Only a few weather alert radios are featured by the SAME technology, which alerts you only when they get severe threats about your area.

NOAA weather radio allows you to turn off alerts by its alert capability. Moreover, selective alert blocking offers you a comfortable sleep at night by filtering unwanted signals that are irrelevant to your area.

Some large weather alert radio offers you power dumping capacity to enable emergency charging of your cell phone.

Versatility in use

In electric power cut-off in emergencies, weather alert radios with flashlights are helpful in signaling and illumination. Some models have clock functions to offer you a track of the time of day.

Highly-priced models offer digital LCD tuning, while inexpensive devices provide analog tuners. Color-coding technology can distinguish between more severe and less severe weather conditions at first glance.

An external antenna is required to capture the national weather service broadcasting, while an extendable antenna allows you to pull more difficult channels in your area.

Our Top Choices

Midland HH50 Pocket

Midland HH50 Pocket
Midland HH50 Pocket

The durable and compact Midland HH50 Pocket provides NOAA broadcasting 24/7 around the clock and makes you secure from extreme conditions. It has an automatic alert feature that alerts you about severe weather conditions and civil emergencies like terrorist threats.

The safety button/test is another excellent feature that enables you whether your device is working correctly or not. Its water-resistant technology made it the best choice for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, boating, or backpacking.

Portable in size enough to keep in back pocket or pocket and very lightweight, only 4 ounces. The automatic scan function prevents you from guessing and lets you get appropriate information about your area once the radio is switched.

  • The automatic alert system alerts you about all disasters
  • Test button to enable the efficient working of the device
  • Water-resistant technology allows the use of radio in rain and thunderstorms
  • 6-inch long telescopic antenna for clear signals
  • Automatic scan system for enabling strong signals from NOAA broadcasting in your area.
  • Use of LED indicator letting the user know that radio is on
  • Volume control is less than ideal.
  • The button is stiffer in operation.


Midland HH50 Pocket

Midland HH50 Pocket
Midland HH50 Pocket

Midland HH50 Pocket is the most versatile model in weather alert radios. The device’s compact and portable design made it suitable for hiking, camping, boating, and backpacking.

This device is enabled for broadcasting both AM and FM frequencies and reveals all seven NOAA frequencies.

The antenna is easily useable and wouldn’t cause any technical difficulty. Moreover, this weather alert system offers a large battery capacity to work for a long time.

Besides this, if the battery is run out, you can charge this model using a solar panel, a USB input, and a crank handle.

  • A multi-purpose device that can be used for weather alerts and entertainment.
  • The compact and portable size made it an excellent choice for outdoor adventures.
  • We are featuring a compass and three LED flashlights.
  • In emergencies can be used to recharge cell phones.
  • A shorter antenna is the only concern for customers.


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La Crosse Technology 810-163TWR

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La Crosse Technology 810-163TWR

La Crosse Technology 810-163TWR is the best choice among all NOAA weather radios, enabling you to choose which alert mode you prefer so that you wouldn’t disturb by unnecessary alerts while sleeping.

The easy one-button functionality of La Crosse Technology 810-163TWR enables you to select between Active All Alerts or Tornado Only Alert. This weather radio offers efficient performance and pulls the signals from AM or FM frequencies.

This device offers a USA IC chip to deliver premium quality digital audio radio signals for a fantastic reception.

  • USA IC chip guarantees the quality of signals received is up to your expectations
  • You can choose between active all alerts or tornado warnings only
  • 3 LED lights determine the severity of the signs received
  • Rugged construction is also a beneficial aspect
  • The belt clip made this radio expensive and affected its portability.


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Midland HH50 Pocket Weather Radio

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Weather Radio Raynic Solar Hand Crank Emergency Radio 5 Ways Powered AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Alert Portable Radio with Flashlight, Reading Lamp, Cellphone Charger and SOS Alarm (Yellow)

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Midland - ER310, Emergency Crank Weather AM/FM Radio - Multiple Power Sources, SOS Emergency Flashlight, Ultrasonic Dog Whistle, NOAA Weather Scan + Alert (Red/Black)

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