NOAA Weather Radio - Emergency
NOAA Weather Radio - Emergency

Are you much tired of super-complicated technology? Or are you fond of long trips, hiking and camping and planning one?

Then you might be concerned about losing your important and expensive gadgets.

Above that, did you ever with no electricity problem, you cannot charge your android phone and felt completely disconnected from the world?

Well, if that’s the whole story then this portable AM PM radio is the solution.

Key Features NOAA Weather Radio

Without any shadow of a doubt, the constant connection of your tablets and smartphones are an essential part of everyone’s life these days. But wait!

Sometimes to enjoy every moment it’s better to be completely isolated from the world for a while.

Just imagine you take her to the cabin in the woods with no TV no smartphones! Just you two and the radio playing your favorite song.

If this is the case then despite ordinary radio, this portable AM FM radio is perfect for you. Its vendors the Vondior are renowned for their best products.

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NOAA Weather Radio


Battery: 2AA batteries that are easily found in every household is used by this radio.

Antenna: this upgraded version has 6-inch telescoping antenna for better reception.

Speaker: it has high-performance built-in speakers.


Less Complex

In today’s word, you are surrounded by a number of technical gadgets like smartphones, laptops, iPad, etc., leaving you in no breathing environment and with no peace of mind.

But sometimes all you need is to take a break and lay back with a very simple transistor radio.

With this AM FM portable radio, unwind your favorite music station by tuning the radio.

And all this is hassle-free, no annoying touch screens with unlimited options. Authenticate the pleasure in actuality.

Power Outage

When the power break occurs for a very long duration of time, the possibility of dying batteries of all the gadgets is very high.

To feel isolated is really a very stressful feeling in times of need. But no worries!

When you have this AM FM radio, your connection can never be isolated from this world. You can easily stay connected and get broadcast in real-time. It’s very handy so make it a part of your emergency kit.


This product is part of our list because it is best to make it a part of your emergency kit because it is handy and portable.

Its best for those who love old designs of everything. It is not so fancy but simple and less complex.

Even people of old age with less technological know-how can operate it easily. But as far as the desirable improvements so there are no such recommendations, the product is good so far.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this AM FM portable radio.

Picks allot of stations with clear and good reception.

It allows you to tune manually your favorite station.

Its sound quality is extremely good.

Small in size, can easily get fit in your pocket.

A normal FM/AM radio, not a weather band radio.

No weather alerts

It’s unable to receive WB signals.

Conclusion NOAA Weather Radio NOAA/AM/FM

This product is far good to own because it picks up a lot of stations with clear frequency and also it allows you to manually tune your favorite radio.

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