Weather Radio Raynic Solar Hand Crank Emergency Radio AM/FM/SW/NOAA Review
Weather Radio Raynic Solar Hand Crank Emergency Radio AM/FM/SW/NOAA Review

If you are living in an area where power outage occurs more frequently or it’s a disaster’s phone area, then you would need weather radio with a battery backup to keep running on your devices.

It makes you able to act before any hazardous weather strikes your door.

Key Features Weather Radio Raynic Solar Hand Crank

Just for a moment, imagine that your smartphone, laptop, Personal Computer or tablet suddenly stopped working?

How would you communicate with others? Well, it’s very stressful even in imagination.

When the place you are living in is under any critical situation, you need communication the most.

Also, you need the information frequently, Raynic weather radio will keep you in touch with the world when all the other communication mediums fail.

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Weather Radio Raynic Solar Hand Crank Emergency Radio AM/FM/SW/NOAA Review
Weather Radio Raynic Solar Hand Crank Emergency Radio

FM: 87 – 108 MHZ, AM (MW): 520-1710 kHz, SW: 2.3- 22.00MHz

NOAA Weather:162.400/162.4251 162.450/ 162.475/ 162.50/ 162.525/162.55.

Flashlight: 3W LED bright flashlight.

Lamp: 2.5 watts Reading Lamp.

Solar panel: 45 mA solar panel power

Crank power: 350 mA

  1. Weight:1.2LB
  2. Dimensions:7.5*3.5*4.7in

7 NOAA Channels

This Raynic weather radio is specifically designed to receive emergency warning alerts for many life-threatening weather situations, for instance, fires, cyclones, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami, and many other adverse weather events.

This radio has standard analog tuning of FM/AM/SW/7 NOAA weather channels.

Additionally, it has seven preset band radio, very easy to rotate to the des weather station to get information and alerts about the weather situations.

5-ways Power source

This Raynic radio intends to connect you with the world continuously in a bad weather event.

That is why it comes with 5-ways power sources, that includes a solar panel, hand crank, 2000 mAh li-ion rechargeable battery(built-in), AAA batteries that are not included in the package and AC power, to charge your smartphones, tablets and other gadgets.

The battery backup is to keep the weather radio on during power shortage and AC power to save batteries at other times.

Built-in li-ion battery can provide light continuously for straight 12 hours. You can charge your devices and play your radio for 6 hours.

To make it sure that you are always have charged radio the solar panel and hand crank help you during a prolonged situation where AC power goes off and batteries are being used.


Raynic portable weather alert radio is part of our reviewing list because of its amazing features and specifications.

Its powerful li-ion battery, bright LED flashlights, five ways to power up and seven weather channels to keep you updated every time.

So, everything is so on point in this product.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Raynic whether emergency radio.

Various power options

Small in size and very handy

The sound quality is good

The charging phone option is not very good, it costs very slowly.

Turning knob is very stiff and that is why it’s harder to tune the stations


Conclusion Weather Radio Raynic Solar Hand Crank Emergency Radio

If you are outing lover and always love to go camping, hiking, and traveling so this weather radio is best for you because of its bright LEDs and 5-ways charging sources.

It provides you various power options as well.

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