Emergency Radio For Bug Out Bag
Emergency Radio For Bug Out Bag

This is the buyer’s guide to the best emergency radio for bug-out Bags.

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The emergency radio is a small, portable device used in various situations.

It has an AM/FM tuner and earphones, so you don’t have to share the audio from your device with anyone else.

You might want this if you are going on a vacation or camping trip where electricity is not always available.

This could also come in handy for when disaster strikes and the power goes out – it will allow you to get updates on what’s happening worldwide while keeping connected during emergencies like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, etc…

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Review contents

The Best Emergency Radio For Bug Out Bag

In conclusion, there are many reasons why an emergency radio should be included in your bug-out bag.

It is wise to have one with you at all times. If you do not own a portable battery-operated device, now is the time to purchase one for backup purposes.

Considering these tips and considerations, it’s easy to see that having an emergency radio on hand can make life much easier if disaster strikes or when traveling!

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When disaster strikes and you find yourself in a situation where every second counts, having the right gear can make all the difference.

One essential item that should always be included in your bug-out bag is an emergency radio. These compact devices are designed to keep you informed and connected when traditional means of communication may be unavailable.

In this article, we will explore why an emergency radio is a must-have for your bug-out bag, discuss the critical factors to consider when choosing one, and provide our top picks for the best emergency radios on the market.

So whether you’re planning a camping trip or preparing for any unexpected emergencies, read on to discover which radio will become your trusted companion during critical times.

Remember: being prepared is not just about having food and water; it’s also about staying informed and adapting quickly to changing situations. Let’s dive into why an emergency radio deserves its place in your bug-out bag!

Why You Need an Emergency Radio in Your Bug Out Bag

Why do you need an emergency radio in your bug-out bag? Well, let me tell you, when disaster strikes and you find yourself in a survival situation, communication becomes crucial. Having access to information can mean the difference between life and death.

Picture this: You’re hiking, enjoying nature’s beauty, when suddenly dark clouds roll in. Thunder rumbles ominously overhead, and rain starts pouring down. You check your phone for weather updates, but alas! No signal! This is where an emergency radio comes to the rescue.

An emergency radio allows you to stay connected even when all other forms of communication fail. It updates weather conditions, evacuation notices, and critical news bulletins. Its built-in NOAA Weather Radio capabilities ensure that you are always informed about any potential dangers or changes in the environment around you.

But that’s not all! An emergency radio has multiple power options, such as solar charging panels or hand crank mechanisms. This means that even if your batteries die or no electricity is available, you can still charge your device and stay connected.

So why take the risk of being caught unaware during an emergency? Make sure to include a reliable emergency radio in your bug-out bag, and be prepared for anything that comes your way!

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Emergency Radio

It would be best to consider critical factors when choosing an emergency radio for your bug-out bag. First and foremost, you’ll want to look for a radio with reliable reception. After all, in an emergency, the last thing you need is a radio that can’t pick up important weather updates or emergency broadcasts.

Another essential factor to consider is the power source of the radio. Ideally, you’ll want a radio that offers multiple charging options, such as solar power, hand-crank charging, and battery backup. This way, even if one method fails or runs out of power, you have other options.

Size and weight are crucial considerations when choosing an emergency radio for your bug-out bag. You don’t want to be weighed down by bulky equipment when you’re on the move. Look for radios that are compact and lightweight without sacrificing functionality.

Additionally, pay attention to the durability of the radio. Your bug-out bag may encounter rough conditions during an emergency, so choosing a radio that can withstand impact and water exposure is essential.

Last but not least (is this even correct?), don’t forget about the extra features! Some radios offer built-in flashlights or USB ports for charging other devices, which can be helpful during emergencies.

Remember these factors when selecting an emergency radio for your bug-out bag – they could make all the difference in ensuring your safety and preparedness in times of crisis!

Q: What are the key features to look for in an emergency radio?

When it comes to choosing an emergency radio for your bug-out bag, there are several key features that you should consider. First and foremost, the radio should have multiple power sources.

This means it should be able to be powered by batteries, solar energy, and hand-cranking. These options ensure you’ll always be able to charge your radio even if one power source is unavailable.

Another essential feature is the ability to receive various alerts and signals. Look for a radio to receive NOAA weather alerts and AM/FM frequencies. This will enable you to stay informed about potential emergencies or weather conditions in your area.

Portability is also crucial when selecting an emergency radio for your bug-out bag. It should be compact and lightweight to avoid adding unnecessary bulk or weight to your pack. Additionally, consider the durability of the radio – it should be rugged enough to withstand rough handling and outdoor conditions.

Look for a model with additional useful features, such as a built-in flashlight or USB charging port. These extra functionalities can come in handy during emergencies where access to other power sources may be limited.

Considering these key features when choosing an emergency radio for your bug-out bag, you can ensure a reliable communication tool in crisis without compromising portability or functionality!

Q: What is the ideal size and weight for a radio in a bug-out bag?

Size and weight are important factors when choosing an emergency radio for your bug-out bag. You want a lightweight and compact radio so it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk or weight to your heavy load.

Ideally, the radio should be small enough to fit comfortably in your bag without taking up too much space. Look for radios designed specifically for portability, with a slim profile and minimalistic design. This will ensure that you can easily carry it wherever you go.

As for weight, opt for a lightweight but still durable radio. Remember, in an emergency, every ounce counts. Look for radios made from lightweight materials such as plastic or aluminum.

Additionally, consider the functionality of the radio. It should have all the necessary features like AM/FM reception and NOAA weather alerts while still being compact and lightweight.

Finding an emergency radio’s ideal size and weight refers to personal preference and what works best for your needs. Just remember to prioritize portability without compromising on essential features!

Q: How long should the battery life be?

One crucial factor to consider when choosing an emergency radio for your bug-out bag is the battery life. After all, you want a radio that can keep you informed and connected for as long as possible during an emergency. But how long should the battery life be?

Ideally, you’ll want a radio with a battery life that can last at least several days or weeks without recharging or replacing. This ensures reliable access to information and communication, even if power sources are limited or unavailable.

Radios with longer battery life tend to have more extensive and powerful batteries. Look for radios that use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, as these typically offer longer run times than disposable batteries.

It’s also worth considering radios that offer multiple power options, such as solar charging or hand crank generators. These features can extend the battery life by allowing you to recharge the radio using alternative methods when traditional power sources are unavailable.

Remember, in emergencies where communication is crucial, having a reliable power source for your emergency radio is essential. So, choose wisely and opt for a model with sufficient battery capacity to meet your needs during prolonged periods without access to electricity.

Prioritize finding a balance between portability and functionality so you never get stranded without important updates from authorities or loved ones.

Q: What is an emergency radio?

A: An emergency radio is a radio that is designed to function even when there is no electricity or communication infrastructure. It provides essential information such as weather updates and emergency alerts during an emergency.

Q: What is the Best Emergency Radio for an Out Bag?

A: The best emergency radio for a bug-out bag should be portable and durable and have multiple ways of powering it, such as the battery, hand crank, or solar power. It should also have essential features like NOAA weather alerts, AM/FM bands, and the ability to receive shortwave radio signals in an emergency.

Q: Why do preppers need an emergency radio?

A: Preppers need an emergency radio because they are designed to function even during a survival situation without electricity or communication infrastructure. An emergency radio can provide important information like weather updates and alerts and is a valuable source of communication when all other forms of communication are down.

Q: What features should I look for when choosing an emergency radio?

A: When choosing an emergency radio, consider a few features. These include multiple power sources like hand crank, solar power, and battery life. It should also have essential features like NOAA weather alerts, AM/FM bands, and the ability to receive shortwave radio signals in an emergency.

Q: What is NOAA weather radio, and why is it important?

A: NOAA Weather Radio is a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information from the nearest National Weather Service office. It is essential because it provides up-to-date information about weather conditions and can alert you in a severe weather warning or emergency.

Q: How do I power my emergency radio?

A: There are several ways to power an emergency radio, including using batteries, a hand crank, solar power, or a combination of these methods. Make sure to choose a radio that provides multiple power options in case one power source runs out during an emergency.

Q: What is a ham radio, and can it be used as an emergency radio?

A: A ham radio, also known as an amateur radio, is a tool radio operators use to communicate with other operators using frequencies assigned by the FCC. While it can be used as an emergency radio, it requires a license to operate and may not be the best option for those who do not have the proper training and license.

Q: Can I use an emergency radio like a hand-crank radio in a survival situation?

A: Yes, an emergency radio with a hand-crank feature can be used for survival as it does not require batteries or electricity. Turn the hand crank to generate power, and you can listen to important updates and information.

Q: What are the best emergency radios for preppers?

A: The best emergency radios for preppers are portable, durable, and offer multiple power sources. They should also have features like NOAA weather alerts, AM/FM bands, and shortwave radio capabilities. The best prepper emergency radios include Eton FRX5BT, Midland ER310, and Kaito KA500.

Q: What is the difference between a weather band radio and an emergency weather radio?

A: A weather band radio receives continuous weather updates on a specific frequency. On the other hand, an emergency weather radio is a specialized radio designed to provide essential updates and emergency alerts during emergencies. It may have additional features like a hand crank and multiple power sources to ensure it can function even during a power outage

Prep Store Elite Plus - Emergency Survival Pack - 4 Day Food Supply - 96 Hour - Survival Kit - Bugout Bag - Hurricane Emergency Kit - Survival Bag - Bug Out Bag (Elite Plus KIT)

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  • Never run out of Power with your Solar Flashlight, Power Bank Lantern with Emergency Beacon, Two Way Ham Radio with built in NOAA radio, 100 Hour Candle, and Inflatable Solar Lantern
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  • Filter over 1000 Gallons of clean Drinking Water with the included Multi Function Water Filter Pump, and Water Filter Bottle.
  • Setup your campsite with the Hammock, and Large Mosquito Net.
  • Hunting Cooking and Fire – 10 Piece Cooking Set, Folding Silverware, Rapid Fire, Ferrocerium Rod Fire Starter, Hatchet and Skinning Knife combo, Folding Shovel, Slingshot, Sharpening Stone, Hand Chain Saw, and Multi Tool with Hammer.
  • Never run out of Power with your Solar Flashlight, Power Bank Lantern with Emergency Beacon, Two Way Ham Radio with built in NOAA radio, 100 Hour Candle, and Inflatable Solar Lantern
  • Your protected with Complete 70+ Piece First Aid Kit, Leather Gloves, Compass, and Camo Duct Tape. Take advantage of this SALE and Own the #1 Survival Kit in the USA today!

Crisis Ware Large Emergency Radio and Emergency Phone Charger by Home and Country USA. Essential Piece of Any Bug Out Bag, Emergency Kit, or Backpacking Gear.

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  • 【 Powerful Solar Powered Radio 】Our all-powerful hand crank radio allows you to stay informed of what is going on when there is a power-loss at your place. It can also help as a hurricane or earthquake emergency survival kit and also with a solar charging indicator, a channel signal light, and a power usage indicator light.
  • 【 Unique Design 】Our survival radio design is upgraded because our powerful lighting functions include super-bright flashlights, motion sensor reading lamp also, external antenna, electricity label, comfortable hand crank, tap switch to fulfill all your needs
  • 【 Superb Flashlight 】Our solar powered flashlight is imperative to you in many aspects of life. Whether the power is out or you just need a light to look for something in the closet. Our high powered flashlight is here to make your life easy!
  • 【 Power Sources 】Our radio has 4 power sources included micro USB charging and solar-powered, hand crank, and AAA batteries, so whenever you need a source of an emergency power, it can act as a renewable power source for charging your cell phones and electronics when fully charged
  • 【 All-Weather Alert 】Our radio has the best feature if you turn on the weather alarm and then once receive a bad weather alert will flash on the screen and the unit alarms, prepare for hazardous weather

72 HRS Deluxe Emergency Survival Kit - Heavy Duty 72 Hour Bug Out Bag Survival Kit for Earthquake, Hurricane, Tsunami, Winter, Blackout - Includes Emergency First Aid Kit, Water, Food (1 Person, Red)

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  • 72 HR SURVIVAL KIT - We carry the best emergency survival kits to keep you prepared for any event. Our bug out bag survival kit are well-equipped with vital survival tools and advanced hurricane preparedness items. These emergency survival kits for disaster preparedness are compact and have reflective strips both on the front and back for visibility and contains everything needed to survive for 72 hr.
  • SURVIVAL FOOD & EMERGENCY WATER POUCHES - Our bug out bag survival kit with food and water contains [4]3600 Calories Food Rations and [48]125ml Water Pouches which can last [4]person for 3-5 days. Food and Water have a shelf life of upto 5 years. It is Canadian coast guard and Transport Canada approved, made in the USA, and can withstand temperature from (-40°C to 99°C) without bursting. The emergency water packs are burst proof and can even withstand a vehicle driving over it without bursting.
  • NOAA WEATHER RADIO - Crusader One NOAA Radio provides 4 options to recharge as a 2000mAh power bank, and it can charge your phone. Capable of accessing all 7 NOAA channels to receive warnings, watch the forecast, and all-hazard information 24/7. The tuning knobs are made by a costly technique to ensure a perfect resistance feeling. Connect headphone to headphone jack when you do not want to disturb those around you or when it is too loud around you to hear.
  • COMPLETE EMERGENCY BAG SURVIVAL KIT - These disaster survival kits contain all the emergency kit supplies you need like a NOAA weather radio, LED flashlight, emergency blanket, poncho, whistle, first aid kit, mask, tissue pack, emergency food and water emergency pouches. Simply put, the included hurricane preparedness items covers all your needs for shelter, lighting and communication, first aid, search and rescue, sanitation and storage.
  • HEAVY DUTY SURVIVAL BACKPACK - This bug out bag survival features a highly durable go bag emergency backpack that is made with high quality fabric that is water resistant. Our bugout bag survival kit is also designed with multiple compartments for organization and adjustable padded straps for comfort. The 2-way zipper is durable and has been tested with thousands of opens and closes, ensuring you its strength. Lastly, the front pocket zipper pouch allows for easy accessibility.

hcctag Military Tactical Backpack for Men Small Bug Out Survival Bag Hiking Traveling Hunting Outdoor Camping

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  • Tactical Morale Patch:7 PCS patches at random with different kinds of hook-loop patches for decoration.
  • Molle system for large Capacity Storing :Add capacity expansion function, which can be expanded by 25%.
  • Upgrades Army Pack:the front 3 Day Assault bag is upgraded to 180° opening (more convenient to take items)
  • Upgraded load reduction system :Molle Bag is comfortable without tightening the shoulder.
  • Separate computer compartments can fit up to 17 "computers.

First Aid Only 298 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Emergency Kit (FAO-442)

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  • Comprehensive Emergency Kit: Includes adhesive fabric and plastic bandages, antibiotic ointments, BZK antiseptic towelettes, burn cream packets, aspirin, ibuprofen, gauze roll and pads, wound closures, cold pack, and other multi-use first aid items
  • Convenient Packaging: An ideal workplace and home first aid, it comes in a soft-sided zippered case complete with clear plastic pockets designed to keep first aid supplies neatly organized and easy to locate
  • Easy Access: This convenient and versatile work, home and car emergency kit features 2 separate layers with individual compartments that make accessing first aid supplies quick and easy
  • Compact Size: Small enough to fit nicely into a backpack, vehicle compartment, or desk drawer, this travel-size first aid kit helps you stay prepared for potential emergencies when at home, in the office, or while on the go
  • Personal and Professional First Aid Solutions: First Aid Only offers a full line of first aid kits, cabinets, and stations, Emergency Response Care, individual first aid products, Spill Clean Up kits, CPR care and more

Sustain Supply Emergency Survival Kit & Backpack, 2 Person, 72 Hours, Disaster Preparedness Go-Bag for Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Hurricane & Shelter-in-place Including Food, Water, Blankets, First Aid

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  • 72-HOUR SURVIVAL KITS - The first 72 hours after disaster are the most critical, making it essential to have an emergency kit with all the supplies, gear, nutrition, and water needed for the comfortable survival of two people
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY EMERGENCY BAG - Survival backpacks include 12 Wise Company non perishable food servings with bowls and utensils, 2 Aqua Literz 33.8oz Emergency Water Pouches, 2 water filtration straws, 4 Cyalume SnapLights, 2 blankets, 2 InstaFire fire starters, 2 whistles, 1 LED lantern, 1 first aid kit with bath wipes, 1 portable stove, 1 MoraKniv knife, and 1 Ferrocerium rod
  • EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS FOR ANY DISASTER - Sustain Supply Go Bag contains hurricane preparedness items, power outage supplies, earthquake emergency kit essentials, nuclear survival kit gear, and other doomsday prepping supplies for your home, car, office, or bomb shelter
  • SURVIVAL BACKPACK WITH LIGHTING AND HEATING EQUIPMENT - Be ready for power outages with a bug out bag survival kit that includes a fire starter device, safety tinder, a Ferrocerium rod, LED lantern, and SnapLights to illuminate the night even during an apocalypse
  • ULTIMATE FIRST AID AND FOOD SURVIVAL KIT - Emergency backpack includes a variety of basic first aid supplies with a healthcare guide along with bags of premium emergency meals, boxes of water, and Sustain Survival drinking straws for tactical hydration

Emergency Crank Weather Radio, 4000mAh Solar Hand Crank Portable AM/FM/NOAA Radio with 1W 3 Mode Flashlight & Motion Sensor Reading Lamp, Cell Phone Charger, SOS for Home and Emergency

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  • ★【 Newest Design MD-090P】Based on MD-090 emergency flashlight radio, we've optimized and upgraded a lot of features. A biggest 4000mAh rechargeable battery can charge more than one smartphone, the most powerful lighting functions include super-bright 3 mode flashlight and motion sensor reading lamp. Also, external antenna, electricity label, comfortable hand crank, tap switch fit all your needs. The MD-090P is the best value for emergency radio in this market.
  • ★【The Most Powerful Life Saver Radio】Nature is unpredictable, but you can be prepared and ready in the face of her fury. The emergency crank radio with weather band and phone charge professionally get weather broadcasts the latest weather and all hazard information for your areas like hurricanes, tornadoes and so on from 7 NOAA stations at a crystal-clear sound. Earns a critical time for you to get full preparation advance, keeping you and your family safe with this emergency weather radio.
  • ★【4 CHARGING MODES】Compared with 2000mah or 1000mah emergency radio on the market, the solar radio has upgraded to 4000mAh rechargeable battery, found in every household and easy to buy in the local market or amazon store. Also, Micro USB charge, Solar charge, Hand-crank could also supply the flashlight radio last for days after the storm had passed until the power back on. No matter what emergency situation you find yourself in, this hand crank light never run out of electricity!
  • ★【Super-Bright 3 Mode Flashlight And Motion Sensor Reading Lamp】 If you are an outdoor enthusiast or need to walk in places without lights, the flashlight radio with 3 modes flashlight is a great alternative, which farthest lighting range exceeds10m, farther than the most other solar emergency radio. Also, a reading lamp with a Motion sensor will greatly help you get up in the mid-night to avoid waking your family. Add to cart, you will never regret that you purchase this crank flashlight radio!
  • ★【We Care About You and The ones Your loved】 In the past years, Our emergency radio has helped more than 10,000,000 USA Civilians to live through the hurricane, tornadoes and snowstorm season, like "Dorian", "Harvey, "Irma", etc. Your voice drives us to be the best. We back our emergency weather radio with 18-months Warranty! If you are not satisfied with this NOAA weather radio, we can refund you immediately as you contact us. And our customer service is here for you 24/7 for anything you need!

Emergency Radio 5000 Hand Crank Solar Weather Radio,5-Way Power AM/FM/SW/NOAA Survival Portable Radio with Camping Flashlight,Power Bank Phone Charger,Reading Lamp,SOS Alarm Survival Equipment,Compass

$35.99  in stock
as of May 20, 2024 1:07 am


  • 【Prepared Yourself Ahead with Survival Gear and Equipment】PPLEE AM/FM/SW timely reports various life-threatening severe weather issued by National Weather Service, choose the band selector to WB and one of the 7 bands to find your local weather station. Our emergency weather radio will alert you with a loud SOS alarm and flashing red light, will keep your family safe through natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, snowstorms, tornadoes.
  • 【5000 Large Capacity Built-in Battery】Compared with other emergency radio on the market, this built-in 5000 large-capacity rechargeable battery, when we are trapped in an emergency or our cellphone runs out of power, simply plug your phone or other small electronics into the USB port of this emergency kit for some extra power. Works with most USB powered devices, this survival gear could provide enough emergency power for important calls.
  • 【Never Power Outage with 5 Charging Ways】This emergency solar with multiple power backup options is the best value for survival radio in this market. 5 power sources - 5000 Large Capacity Built-in rechargeable battery, solar, crank, 5V USB Input, 3*aaa battery. No matter what emergency you’re in, it never runs out of electricity!
  • 【Light Your Way with High Illuminated Flashlight & Reading Lamp】It’s a smart choice to have this rechargeable no matter for indoor or outdoor usage. Provides a 3W camping flashlight and 2.5W reading light, this battery operated radio is designed to light up your darkness when emergencies or bug out, flashlights for emergencies, emergency lights for home power failure.
  • 【Great Reception for AM FM Shortwave Radio】Added a 3.5mm headphone jack and adjustable antenna, this helps you to enjoy the AM/FM/SW radio with crystal sound and good signal. The big tuning knob makes it easier to tune into your favorite channel manually. The dimension of this portable is 6.69 x 3.74 x 2.36 inches and weight 1LB, which is surprisingly small and light to carry around.

4 Long Range Walkie Talkies Rechargeable for Adults - NOAA Long Distance 2 Way Radios 4 Pack with Earpiece and Mic Set Headsets USB Charger Battery Weather Alert

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  • 【Advanced Technologies】:Join the millions who have chosen Topsung for communication that's reliable and clear. The best walkie talkies support many advanced features, such as Auto squelch system, Auto memory function, Auto scan function, Auto power saving, Low battery alert, Voice activated(iVOX), Keypad lock, Adjustable power, Drop-protection(ABS), 22 channel each with 121 privacy codes, Large LCD screen with backlight, Compatible with most brands' FRS devices, NOAA's Weather Emergency Alert
  • 【Effortless Operation For All Ages】:Embrace simplicity with our user-friendly portable two-way radios, even for those new to walk-in talkies. No complicated procedures, quick setup ensures you're ready to communicate in seconds. Whether you're coordinating a camping trip in the Rockies, overseeing a large event, or simply staying in touch with loved ones, instant communication is always within reach
  • 【Long-Lasting Battery Life And Rapid Charging】:Bid farewell to the hassles of frequent charging and replacing disposable batteries. Our high-capacity rechargeable batteries are leaders in their class for endurance, ensuring extended talk time while also caring for the planet. USB fast charging ensures you can power up your device anytime, anywhere, just 3 hours of charging offers you an impressive 48 hours of standby time, ensuring your adventures are never put on pause
  • 【Clear Conversations, Longer Distances】:Say goodbye to communication barriers, and hello to clarity. The walkie talkies for adults boast an impressive long-range transmission and better sound technology, keeping you connected over vast distances when it matters most, ensuring uninterrupted, crystal clear sound even in noisy environments. Perfect for family & team engaging in various indoor or outdoor activities such as coordinating a festival or hiking through the mountains
  • 【License-Free Team Communication】:No licenses, no extra costs, just push to talk, no matter how many people are involved. You can also use the included earpiece and mic set for private conversations, enabling communication with most brands's FRS two way radios, so you can coordinate like a pro. Perfect for event management, group outings, security, and leisure activities, these walkie talkies for adults ensure you stay connected and in control, hassle-free

40L - 64 L Outdoor 3 Day Expandable Backpack for Gym Sport Hiking Camping Trekking Travel Military & Tactical,Bug Out Bag

 out of stock


Part Number 1
Model 21002
Color Black 08001a
Size Large

NOAA Weather Radio, Emergency Hand Crank Radio with Solar Charger, Portable Battery Operated AM FM Shortwave Radio with LED Flashlight, USB Charger, Earbud Jack, SOS Alert for Home Survival Hurricane

$35.99  in stock
as of May 20, 2024 1:07 am


  • 【NOAA Weather Alert Radio Keeps You Prepared Ahead】Our NOAA Weather Radio is certified by National Weather Service. Choose WB band and one of the 7 preset weather band to tune into your local weather station. When the National Weather Service issues a severe weather alert, the radio will auto make a loud SOS alarm that lasts for 9 secs, meanwhile, the red light flashes.You will never miss it even at sleep. Great for tornadoes, tsunamis, Wildfire, hurricane & snowstorm.
  • 【AM FM Shortwave Radio with Earphone Jack-Best Listening Experience】Easy to tune into your favorite broadcast, AM Radio(520-1710 Khz); FM Band(87-108MHz); SW Radio(7-19.00 MHZ). The crank radio has a comprehensive coverage of entertainment, sports, news or overseas broadcast like The BBC/Moscow/Beijing. The telescopic antenna makes it a portable radio with best reception. Big volume knob is designed for easy volume adjustment and the 3.5mm headphone jack for your enjoying radio shows privately.
  • 【5 Power Sources-Long Runtime】This is ready and save your life in emergency. Built-in 5000 rechargeable battery, the is easily recharged by solar/hand crank/power plug( 5V/2A, not included)and USB cord(included). Besides, it is also equipped with backup battery compartment(3pcs*AAA batteries, not included). No more power failure concerns in any situation. The full charged solar radio will last up to 13 hours only playing FM radio.
  • 【All-in-One Portable Radio with LED Flashlight/Reading Lamp】Our is also designed for outdoor survival- providing 2 light sources. The side 3W LED flashlight emits strong and straight light to light up 80 meters away. A very vital survival gear and equipment if you are lost at night. 2.5W Reading Lamp with 2 adjustable brightness- Flipping up the solar panel makes the emergency crank radio a reading lamp with 6 built-in LED bulbs to illuminate 20㎡ room or campsite.
  • 【Versatile for Emergency】Built in USB output port, this can charge more than one cellphone for important calls or texts. The side SOS button can make loud Alarm(116dB) with red light to look for help. Besides, the compact light weight noaa emergency weather radio comes with a compass, hand strap, perfect for outdoor camping, field survival, hiking, trekking and night biking. We care you and provide one-year warranty, just email us with any question.

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