Epica Digital Emergency Weather Alert Radio Review
Epica Digital Emergency Weather Alert Radio Review

Epica Digital Emergency: In times of emergency, a lot of people rely on emergency radios that keep them updated about the latest situation, weather updates, and other important news and information that is broadcasted on air.

An emergency radio, just like other radios is a receiver, but it is designed specifically to function in case of emergency, power outages or any situations that make a person or a group of people isolated or have no contact with the nearest civilization.

There are radios also that are designed to function without electricity through batteries and even with renewable energies such as solar power.

Emergency radios are usually being designed by the weather radio brands to be portable and can broadcast the standard AM and FM broadcasting bands that provide news, weather Epica Digital Emergencyupdates, and other important broadcasting programs that work with a basic shortwave radio coverage just like any other average radios that you can find.

Usually, emergency radios or portable weather radio can last long enough and maintain its power as long as possible especially during power outages. People who are in dire need of help use this for over a day because this kind of radio compared to other types of receivers is designed to consume battery at the lowest level; meaning it does not consume a lot of power, thus, it stays longer than other types of receivers.

In fact, there are even portable emergency radios that have a hand-crank that can be rotated repeatedly to recharge the battery, but nowadays, portable emergency radios have some rechargeable batteries that can be charged prior to its use while some if it runs low on battery, can be charged directly to the sun because of its built-in solar panel that juices up the battery just like other types of it such as an am FM weather portable radio.


  • Go with the basic- A lot of people needs a radio that can deliver NOAA alerts and other emergency broadcast warnings and mistakenly buys an expensive shortwave radio, but it is not just necessary after all unless you want to communicate with other people, you can buy a two-way radio, or if you want to use it for emergency purposes, try sticking to the basic emergency radio that is way cheaper, it does not need to be expensive when buying the best weather radio.
  • Check the NOAA logo and Public Alert logo- To determine the best weather radio to buy, check these stickers notes that the radio has followed the technical standards and have the ability to receive and broadcast specific announcements from NOAA and the national government regarding emergency situations.


  • Epica Digital Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Radio- Epica’s very own digital emergency radio comes with a flashlight, a phone charging port, and of course, can clearly receive and broadcast the NOAA Certified Weather in times of emergency situations making it the best handheld weather radio. This can be yours at $21.95 at Amazon.


  • Lightweight emergency radio that has three bands, the AM, FM, and the NOAA VHF weather frequencies perfect to be used during emergency situations.
  • Has a 3-LED flashlight to give you illumination during power outages at night.
  • It has a three-way charging option (cranking, plug-in, and solar panel).


“It perfectly charged my iPhone 7 during a four-hour outage at my apartment. When I brought it during a tornado that hit our place and, it perfectly worked well and broadcasted tornado warnings even when I was deep under our house’s bunker. It is the best portable weather radio. I definitely love this emergency portable radio and will surely recommend this radio to everyone I know. I bought it when it read it in a weather alert radio reviews online”—Zack Nuremberger of Oklahoma.

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