Desktop Weather Radio
Desktop Weather Radio

This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the Best Desktop Weather Radio.

We recommend using 【2021 Newest Version】NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio-S.A.M.E. Localized Programming, 80+ Emergency Alerts, Alarm Clock & AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Battery Backup, External Antenna for Emergency as it is our top pick for you.

It’s been a while since the consumer electronics industry has had a breakthrough, but we’ve found it!

The Desktop Weather Radio is here and ready to change your life.

If you’re looking for an easy way to stay on top of weather conditions in your area or need help with emergency preparedness plans at home, this device could be just what you need!

Check out our product page today for more information about how it works and where you can get one.

We hope you found this article insightful and that we’ve helped to answer any questions you may have had about desktop weather radios.

If not, please contact us for more information or any other inquiries you might have.

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Best Desktop Weather Radio in 2022

Picking the best weather radio is very simple, once you know how the service works and which radio specs are the most helpful.

Have you ever been directly affected by extreme weather or any civil emergency? Did you have sufficient warning to save yourself, your family, and your property in a reasonable time?

Did you get the best information during the event, including suggestions for when the emergency was over?

Or are you just interested in observing the more unique types of weather, either using a home weather station or out of general interest, and would love to be informed when something is in the air?

If you live in an area likely to be affected by extreme storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes, a weather radio should be the primary item in your emergency kit.

Esky Portable Emergency Weather Radio

The Esky portable emergency radio is a remarkable product to have in an emergency. This mobile radio specs a durable, rugged design that permits it to survive even the most challenging weather situations.

Esky portable weather radio has been made with extreme weather in mind. It also has a USB charger for your electronics and a 140-lumen flashlight to guide you via any darkness and increase visibility simultaneously.

The best feature of this desktop weather radio is its strong 1,000 mAh battery which can be charged through a USB cable, solar panel, or a manual hand crank. This makes it the best product to use in all places and keeps you safe wherever you are. Thanks to its small size, this portable weather radio can also be linked to a belt via its powerful clip, permitting even easier access.

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Eton Scorpion Portable Weather Radio

Thanks to a rechargeable lithium 800 mAh battery, you can be promised a long charge, which will keep you going for a while. Unlike many portable weather radios, the Scorpion also specs a battery charge indicator which presents you with how much power you have left, providing you the best idea of when you next need to charge. There are also two other charge options: a solar panel and a hand crank.

This weather radio specs a pretty robust design with a rugged exterior skin and carabiner aluminum; it can serve in any extreme open-air condition and help you out during an emergency.

Thanks to a water-resistant design, it can also survive a few splashes here and there and can be taken out on the water. It gets FM/AM and NOAA weather, and to keep up to date with the weather, and with a digital display and tuner, permits clear reception.

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Midland ER210 Emergency crank weather desktop radio

This Midland weather radio specs an NOAA weather scan, alert, and FM/AM channels. It mechanically sweeps via seven accessible weather band channels and locks on to the one with the robust reception. When enabled, the “WX Alert” spec telecasts any alert transmitted for the immediate area. The alert generates an audible siren, and the LCD backlight and flashlight flash for 1 minute.

Powered by three sources – a hand crank, solar panel, and a rechargeable 2,000 mAh battery – this compact radio makes a perfect choice for hiking, camping, or relocating during a disaster. The radio also doubles as a tablet or phone charger. The battery can last up to twenty-five hours of everyday use.

The CREE LED flashlight also works as an SOS beacon and flashes Morse code as a distress signal. The LCDs the radio station, weather channel, time, and the remaining battery charge accessible.

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FosPower emergency hand-crank radio

The FosPower emergency desktop radio is exceptionally lightweight, weighing less than one lb. It supports three power sources: solar panels, hand cranks, and AAA batteries. The 2000mAh power bank permits you to charge gadgets through a USB link, which is a remarkable feature on the occasion of power shortages.

It, unfortunately, does not contain the same technology or Public Alert certification. Anyway, the radio works with FM and AM channels and all seven tracks in the NOAA emergency band. This way, you will be sure to get all the weather alerts you need.

The unit also contains some helpfully added specs. It is water-resistant to grade IPX3, and with the best warranty and damage should not be a problem. It boasts two separate light sources, including four LED reading lights and a 1W flashlight, which is best for power shortages or uses while camping. An extra SOS alarm will also help put your mind at ease.

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Are weather radios worth it?

A weather radio is almost forever the best addition to your home. Whether you live where weather emergencies are common, love spending time open-air, or want a multi-functional device, a desktop or handheld weather radio is a highly versatile product.

Weather alert radios will permit you to stay up to date with alerts from your weather station and can help keep you safe. It picks up on radio signals that warn of changing weather situations and can help you stay ahead of the evolving atmosphere.

Where can I purchase an NOAA weather radio?

You can buy a weather radio that supports NOAA channels in many different locations.

Many online sites will sell the best selection of radios in one place, which will make it simple to match and contrast different products. Many sites will also permit you to read via customer reviews, which can be a beneficial tool when deciding which radio is best for you. Anyway, ensure your internet retailer is reputable before making a purchase.

Purchasing the best weather radio from camping, hardware, or home-ware shops is also easy. It can be helpful to view each radio in person before you make your decision, and talking to an in-store expert can support you in learning about the devices.


Midland - WR120B/WR120EZ - NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio - S.A.M.E. Localized Programming, Trilingual Display, 60+ Emergency Alerts, & Alarm Clock (WR120B - Box Packaging)

 in stock
2 new from $29.99
2 used from $30.00
Free shipping
as of December 7, 2022 2:25 am


  • Public-alert certified monitor receives 7 NOAA channels with flood, tornado, thunderstorm, and other warnings
  • SAME alert programming sounds an alert only when specific counties are threatened
  • 25-county memory system; 90 dB siren, voice alert, and flashing LED warning systems
  • Uses three AA alkaline batteries for emergency power back-up in the event of power outage
  • Built-in clock with alarm and snooze; measures 6.0 x 1.5 x 5.0 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty

J-05 Weather AM FM Portable Radio, NOAA Weather Transistor Radio with Excellent Reception, Battery Operated Radio by 3X D Cell Batteries or AC Power for Household & Outdoor, by PRUNUS

$29.99  in stock
as of December 7, 2022 2:25 am


  • 【Excellent Reception】NOAA Weather radio AM FM frequency range: WB:162.40-162.55kHz(cover 7 NOAA), FM: 87-108 MHz, AM:520-1710 kHz, weather am fm radios with best reception equipped with high-quality DSP chip and telescopic antenna, greatly enhance signal reception without static, know the latest weather updates,protect you and your families. Enjoy your favorite stations to listen to music, baseball game, news.
  • 【A Must For Emergency】Not just a news radio for home, it's also a necessary noaa/ weather radio for power outage to warn you of incoming severe weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, earthquake, etc. Having this NOAA weather radio could easily save your family's lives in an emergency. NOTE: Not support automaticly notify you of NOAA alerts
  • 【Two Power Sources】AC-110V-50Hz power up the AC/DC powered radio for home (includes the power cord), perfect for using in living room, kitchen and office. 3xDC-1.5V batteries for emgergency. And camping, gardening and carrying around with your portable battery operated radio. NOTE: D cell batteries not included
  • 【Superior Sound】The portable wb radio with best sound has built-in 3W large powerful speaker, filling a room with clear sound clarity, With the 3.5mm earphone input jack for using with headphones not to disturb others around you
  • 【Convenient To Use】This noaa/ weather band radio plug in wall (size: 233*61*133mm, weight: 586g) has a portable handle for carrying, a large frequency scale for easy reading, two big knobs for easy tuning, perfect for some enjoyable time at home, the park, beach, picnics, gym or playroom. Just three simple buttons to tune, it's easy to use for all ages.

Greadio Portable Shortwave Radio,AM FM Transistor Radio with Best Reception,LCD Display,Time Setting,Battery Operated by 4 D Cell Batteries or AC Power,Big Speaker,Earphone Jack for Gift,Elder,Home

 in stock
as of December 7, 2022 2:25 am


  • 【New Upgraded: LCD Display with Best Reception】Equipped with a big LCD screen, you can easily and clearly to see each AM/FM/Shortwave stations when tuning the knob on this portable radio. The long antenna and advanced DSP chip ensure a ultra strong stable radio signal for you to listen to your favourite music, NPR, sports and news stations no matter at home or outdoor. Never miss a station and you will have a relax radio time with your family and friends with this am fm radio.
  • 【Simple to Operate, Convenient to Use】Not like other radios which are too small to operate, our shortwave radio is big enough to use and easy to operate for both elder and children as the knobs are large to tune and the LCD screen is clear to see. A handle on the radio makes it not difficult to take outside. Beyond that, a time setting is available for you to see on the LCD display, so it is not just a fm radio but also a clock for you. Buy this transistor radio, bring convenience to your life.
  • 【2 Powerful Charging Ways】This am fm radio is designed for two charging ways. While you are indoor, the AC power for you to plug the charging cable(include) in the wall to listen radio whole day. If there power outage, don't worry, inserts 4 D Cell batteries(not include) in the shortwave radio that you can continue to connect and get broadcast news in real time. And the battery can be easily found in every household and stores. Keep one in your house, you will happy to have this portable radio.
  • 【Good Sounds Quality & Earphone Jack】With a premium built in 2W speaker, this transistor radio offers a big great sound, it can easily fill a room with your favorite musics or baseball game. And you can choose high/low tune mode as you like to listen on the shortwave radio. A good choice for radio lover. Moreover, an 3.5mm earphone jack here is designed for those who wants to have private listening space. Take this portable radio for picnic,camping or party,leave a good memory with your friends.
  • 【Ideal Christmas Gift】With its classic appearance and simple operation, our portable radio is best sell on many countries. If you are distressing on what to buy to your parents, grandparents, uncles or aunts, this am fm radio is the best choice for you. It is a thoughtful Christmas gift to fill their heart to joy and remember you! Besides, we guarantee a 12-month warranty, 30-day money back and 24/7 customer service to make it no risk for you to purchase this fm radio.

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