iRonsnow IS-088+ Solar Hand Crank Radio
iRonsnow IS-088+ Solar Hand Crank Radio

An emergency weather radio has all types of different features, most of them consisting of a hand-crank, flashlight, a solar panel, a charging output and a radio receiver with FM/AM/NOAA tuning.

So, as to aid any person in distress from many survival problems, iRonsnow has created a new type of emergency weather radio.

The iRonsnow IS-088 Solar hand-crank radio would fit your needs and conveniences.

So, as to guide you via this specific radio, we have listed a few of its top specs, including what to consider when getting this item.

iRonsnow IS-088+ Solar Hand Crank Radio
iRonsnow IS-088+ Solar Hand Crank Radio

Features iRonsnow IS-088+ Solar Hand Crank Radio


It contains a reliable flashlight that works exceptionally well in any situation, including rain. This comes in handy, mainly you need light on twilight situations.


As an emergency radio, it needs a charging input, so for this, the iRonsnow dynamic provides many choices.

This definitely contains a hand-crank or wind-up for manual charging, solar power as an input power because of its built-in solar panel, DC recharge to a micro USB adapter from a PC, and definitely, wall socket charging for emergency battery preparation.

Movability and design

The iRonsnow dynamo is an extremely light-weight, simple to slow, compact, and has no issue with portability.

Not to mention it also has a remarkable design to go combined with its functionality.


The iRonsnow dynamo has the best tuning specs, guiding you to FM, AM, and NOAA emergency weather alerts.

This is to notify you of what is coming and what is presently happening in a city close to you.


  • It works stunning as a portable power bank for rechargeable automatic gadgets like walkie-talkies, smartphones and the like.
  • It offers a head-up alert for incoming weather and what to guess over the neighboring area.
  • Provides 3 or more ways of charging, most vitally definitely is the hand-crank and solar input.
  • As for the hand-cranking spec, in a one-minute hand-cranking, it can provide five minutes of radio time, thirty minutes of continuous light from a built-in torch, and five minutes of cellphone life.
  • Offers different types of cables and adapters, including a USB adapter/connect, USB charging cable, link to radio adapter. It also contains an extendable antenna.


  • The battery is a 300mAh 3.6V NiMH, which means it grips less capacity than an average emergency weather radio.
  • It lacks a Morse-code flashlight setting.
  • It cannot complete a smartphone or any automatic gadget in just a single wall charging cycle.
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