AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station
AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station

Are you a weather buff that likes to keep up with indoor/outdoor conditions?

If so, then you might wish to check this out!

Today we’re going to review the AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station.

This weather station truly impressed us, and bellow, you’ll find out why.

Top Features AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station

This weather station comes with a ton of features that you’ll love!

Each one lets you monitor the weather never before.

Some of these functions are standard, while many others are sporadic.


This exquisite product comes with a standard with a fine in one sensor.

The weather sensor allows you to manage outdoor humidity, temperature, rainfall, cloudy or partly clouded.

Using this sensor, you can keep a close eye on the weather and data from the comfort of your own house.

Outdoor and Indoor Display Readings

Bright and colorful display with PC link feeds your real-time record on multiple levels.

On the screen, you can read both outdoor and indoor temperature, inside and outside humidity, with a sixteen point wind rose, wind chill, heat index, dew point, time and date, and much more.

On-Board Memory

If you love to keep track of weather records over time, then this is the weather station for you!

The AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station has on-board memory that’ll allow you to store two weeks of weather record.

You can also save these data to a PC in the form of a data file.

AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station
AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station

Average Transmission Range

When it comes to transmission range, this weather station on par with the most weather station in its price tag.

This variant can transmit weather data from a long distance.

This range should be more than enough to suit a usual home or small business area.

Durable Construction

This weather station is made of solid materials that can stand the test of time.

The 02041M is built from weather-resistant materials that’ll last you for several years to come.

This means that your investment will be protected.

AcuRite Color Weather Station
AcuRite Color Weather Station


  • Durable, lasting construction
  • Super easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Connect rapidly to any PC
  • Plenty of onboard memory


  • You can’t utilize rechargeable batteries with this variant

Final words

The AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station is really remarkable. It provides a very top-notch feature that everyone needs.

This weather station is extremely durable and will give you fine weather coverage for many years.

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