AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station
AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station

Are you a weather buff who likes to keep up with indoor/outdoor conditions?

If so, then you might wish to check this out!

Today, we will review the AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station.

This weather station truly impressed us; below, you’ll find out why.

Review contents

Top Features AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station

Get the weather forecast and temperature details to plan your day confidently with the AcuRite color weather station.

The weather station’s illuminated color shows outdoor and indoor humidity and temperature specs, an indoor humidity level indicator, the weather forecast, the moon phase, and barometric force with a weather trend arrow.

Display specs adjustable brightness and auto-work settings that adjust backlight brightness based on the daytime. The humidity level icon conveys a high, low, or perfect humidity level for the inside environment and health.

The digital weather station uses patented self-calibrating technology to give you a forecast of 12- to 24-hour weather situations. Self-calibrating forecasting is produced from weather data by a sensor in your yard – providing you with the correct forecast accessible for your best location.

Outdoor conditions are updated every sixteen seconds, and indoor situations are updated every sixty seconds. The display is electric-run by a power adapter. Insert 3x AA batteries for optimal backup during a power outage.

This weather station comes with a ton of features that you’ll love!

Each one lets you monitor the weather never before.

Some of these functions are standard, while many others are sporadic.


This exquisite product comes with a standard with a fine-in-one sensor.

The weather sensor allows you to manage outdoor humidity, temperature, rainfall, and cloudy or partly clouded.

Using this sensor, you can closely monitor the weather and data from the comfort of your house.

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Outdoor and Indoor Display Readings

A bright and colorful display with a PC link feeds your real-time record on multiple levels.

You can read both outdoor and indoor temperatures, inside and outside humidity, with a sixteen-point wind rose, wind chill, heat index, dew point, time and date, and much more on the screen.

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Onboard Memory

If you love to keep track of weather records over time, this is the weather station!

The AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station has onboard memory that allows you to store two weeks of weather records.

You can also save these data to a PC in a data file.

AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station
AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station

Average Transmission Range

This weather station is on par with the most weather station in its price tag regarding transmission range.

This variant can transmit weather data from a long distance.

This range should suit a typical home or small business area.

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Durable Construction

This weather station is made of solid materials that can withstand time.

The 02041M is built from weather-resistant materials that’ll last you for several years.

This means that your investment will be protected.

AcuRite Color Weather Station
AcuRite Color Weather Station

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Outdoor conditions

I’m not sure if you should be wearing shorts or a sweatshirt. With the AcuRite color weather station, you will forever know the outdoor situations outside your door without stepping outside or turning on the news.

Home Health

Humidity and temperature play a big part in the health of your home. Too high humidity can be the reason for mold to grow, making your home unhealthy for you and your dear ones. The AcuRite color display reads your indoor temperature and humidity so that you forever know your home’s health.

Future Forecast

Do you want to know what the weather will be in your neighborhood, not forty miles away? The screen has a self-calibrating forecast that pulls data from the sensor in your backyard to provide you with the correct 12–24-hour forecast for the right place.

Plan the day with self-esteem with your weather and weather prediction detail – pinpoint accuracy from your backyard. The AcuRite color digital weather station uses patented self-calibrating technology to forecast 12 -24-hour weather situations.

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Color weather station display

  • Illuminated color screen with auto-dimming brightness
  • Patented self-calibrating forecasting pulls data from a sensor in your backyard to provide you with the correct forecast for your exact place
  •  12-24-hour weather forecast
  •  Outdoor and indoor temperature with trend arrow
  •  The humidity level icon points out high, low, or perfect indoor conditions
  •  Daily and all-time low/high temperature and humidity with a timestamp
  •  Moon phase trend arrow and manual calibration option
  •  Mechanically adjusts for daylight saving time
  •  Intelli-time-clock and date
  •  Wall-mountable design or tabletop
  • Indicator for wireless sensor signal strength

Humidity sensor and wireless temperature

  • Measures humidity and temperature
  • Powerful wireless range up to 330 feet
  • Transmits data every sixteen seconds
  • Robust and all-weather construction – best for outdoor or indoor use
  • The simple installation contains an integrated hanger
  •  2 AA batteries needed

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Picking the best home weather stations

Connectivity and smart home

Nearly every home weather station is wireless nowadays, which helps give flexibility in weather station placement. They also are generally intelligent and home-capable and have Wi-Fi, which is vital. 

You can view your data anywhere through an app or web-based portal. You can also use your data to manage your smart home gadgets. When your weather station notices rain, it could turn your sprinkles off to conserve water.

Reliability and accuracy

You get what you pay for when it comes to data reliability in personal weather stations. Though exceptions exist, price is generally the best predictor of sensor accuracy and standard.

One thing we don’t advise is department store models, mainly because the vast majority are junk. These stations are built to be affordable, and the sensor standard is not there.


Most weather stations these days manufacture plastic. Affordable models are generally built with less strong plastic and show their age quickly.

The elements will do a number on your equipment, and the top weather stations will hold up for years. Many run partially on solar energy with solar panels on the sensor suite, making battery changes rare.


Expand to pay anywhere from $150 to as much as $1000 for a personal weather station. Anyway, it is more likely that you will pay somewhere in the middle of that range – given the excellent weather stations are generally mid-range models.

Begin with mid-range models first, and match with cheaper and most costly models to ensure you get the best station for your requirements.

AcuRite 02041M weather station placement tips

Where you install your weather station is essential to its protection and the accuracy of the data collected. Here are some things to remember if you are in the market for personal weather stations.

Proximity to other objectives

A weather station should be located in an open area. There should be a lot of distance between the unit and tall objects such as poles, trees, and buildings. Putting it between buildings or in any alley can affect wind and speed readings.

Surface composition

Black areas can seriously influence ground temperature readings as they draw extra sunlight.

It is also vital for the weather station to be located well above ground. A minimum of five feet distance between the station and the environment containing grass is advised.

Mind the trees

Trees and overhangs can interfere with rainfall collection data. A weather station’s placement must not be obstructed if you want to get the proper humidity and rainfall information.


  • Durable, lasting construction
  • Super easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Connect rapidly to any PC
  • Plenty of onboard memory

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  • You can’t utilize rechargeable batteries with this variant

Final words

The AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station is remarkable. It provides a very top-notch feature that everyone needs.

This weather station is exceptionally durable and will provide good weather coverage for many years.

AcuRite provides specs for multiple creative home weather station designs that combine data from indoor and outdoor atmospheres. The producer is famous partly because of the seven decades of experience in the field and the high standard equipment provided.

AcuRite makes it a point to provide the correct weather information for your backyard. Their gadgets also let you customize notifications and alerts for specific weather patterns.

The trustworthiness of the data presentation is superior to what you get from regional weather forecasts as long as you install the weather station under the best situations.

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AcuRite 02041M Color Weather Station with Forecast, Temperature, Humidity,White

$64.79  in stock
2 new from $64.79
1 used from $43.56
Free shipping
as of June 22, 2024 4:02 pm

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as of June 22, 2024 4:02 pm

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as of June 22, 2024 4:02 pm

AcuRite 02031RM Weather Station with Forecast/Temperature/Humidity/Moon Phase, White

 out of stock

AcuRite 00509 Color Weather Station with Count Temperature/Humidity/Forecast,Black and White

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10 used from $23.61
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as of June 22, 2024 4:02 pm

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AcuRite Wireless Home Station (01536) with 5-1 Sensor and Android iPhone Weather Monitoring

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10 used from $104.59
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