ACURITE 01202 M Weather Stations
ACURITE 01202 M Weather Stations

ACURITE has won both critics and users’ confidence and trust for a couple of decades and founded them as top brands to manufacture weather tracking gadgets.

Features ACURITE Weather Stations

The ACURITE 01202 M weather station pushes the envelope, additionally, when it comes to accuracy and innovation.

Both assembly and installation are the easiest or simplest of all-weather stations, like the handling and process.

Nothing about the weather monitor imbibes the word difficult, and even professionals or beginners will find it as such. ACURITE 01202 M weather station is for people of every age.

There’re remotes sensors to track and monitor outdoor and indoor conditions and report perfect humidity, temperature, rainfall, wind speed measurements, etc. to the central console.

Future Forecast powered by Dark Sky

A nifty weather ticker function allows you to access real-time weather updates about your environment and gives quick and easy streaming and sharing of this info.

Icons represent stages of the moon and indoor humid level and feel like temp gives you the complete image possible of the atmospheric conditions.

This ACURITE 01202 M uses dark sky to provide you today/tomorrow’s future forecast and keeping you informed with perfect info.


Easy-to-Read Illuminated Display

The displays outdoor and indoor humidity and temperature to read huge numbers and includes a clock that mechanically updates daylight saving time.

  • To read illuminated display – smooth view current conditions showed in big large illuminated numbers.
  • Future Forecast Powered – when linked to a Wi-Fi connection, your future forecast is downloaded from the dark sky for now and tomorrow’s forecasted lows, highs, and the chance of precipitation. Letting you test your weather without ever turning on the TV
  • Sleek modern look – the attractive display is an ideal accent piece for a table or desk, with a slim and effective footprint.

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