Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Emergency Radio

An emergency radio is, broadly speaking, a radio receiver designed to remain functional in cases of a power outage or isolation from contact with civilization. Such radios are often designed to run on minimal or renewable power sources, such as solar.

A clear emergency radio signal and accurate weather reading are crucial in emergency situations.

Rely on emergency and weather radios as well as locator beacons to help rescue teams locate you in an emergency situation.

Best Emergency Radios in 2021 [Buying Guide]

Emergency radios are generally designed to cover the standard AM and FM broadcasting bands, and weather radio in countries that provide that service. Basic shortwave radio coverage (for situations where local radio is out or not available) is less common.

Retro Radio Bluetooth Speaker
The Retro Radio Bluetooth Speaker is loud with a 4 amp audio output, which produces a rich, deep sound despite the Retro Radio Bluetooth Speaker's compact size. The Bluetooth speaker has a 1100mAh battery rechargeable with up to 8hrs of best quality sound production. Features Retro Radio Bluetooth Speaker The speaker has...
Runningsnail MD 088S Solar Emergency Radio
With a new and compact design that feels fine in the hand, the Running snail MD 088S Solar Emergency Radio scores very high marks by testing off all the vital boxes. A 1000mAh power bank provides you a place to charge your compact devices with a micro cable. Features RunningSnail MD...
KELLO Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio
This radio all gets all the NOAA 7-channel weather channels. Further to this, it plays the FM/AM/SW channels. The wonderful looking radio stays true to its course - broadcasting emergency weather alerts for your places as they come. It comes with Alarm Mode with LED Flashlight alert spec, where the radio remains...
Real NOAA Alert Weather Radio with Alarm
iRonsnow IS-388 Solar Hand Crank Emergency AM/FM/SW/WB Radio, TF Card Speaker, LED Flashlight & Reading Camping Lamp, 2300mAh Cell Phone Charger: This is the top quality and decent weather NOAA radio that activates the alarm system automatically in case of any critical or threatening situation. With this Real NOAA Alert Weather...
Midland - WR120B/WR120EZ

Cte Midland WR120

Emergency weather stations, particularly those that pertain to a number of weather phenomena would almost forever be unwanted. These conditions include torrential or heavy rains, snowstorms, flash floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, and the like. Features Cte Midland WR120 While most of these weather conditions tend to bring forth so much damage, on the...
Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 Digital Solar Dynamo Crank
Introducing the KA600 Voyager Pro, a digital portable receiver designed for both everyday use & emergency preparedness applications. It offers different methods to power up including an optional AC/DC adapter, three AA batteries (not included), The built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery that can be charged by the AC adapter, hand cranking, or...