Midland Weather Radio Nova WR400 Review
Midland Weather Radio Nova WR400 Review

Midland Weather Radio WR400 simply a wonderful radio of NOAA.

This becomes twice beneficial functioning as an AM/FM alarm clock as well.

This feature can replace your existing alarm clock. It has a large, bright screen that shows time, present alerts as well as battery life.

Features Midland Weather Radio Nova WR400

There’re four presets used for easy tuning of the device.

Being a weather radio certified as a public alert, you can link with a device with an external alerting type.

Though, the most appreciated function is having customizable alters possible.

For instance, if you’re living in your respective state well inland, away from the shore, every warning of the shore hurricanes are immaterial so that the Midland Weather Radio Nova WR400 can filter these out.

Midland WR400 Desktop Weather Radio
Midland WR400 Desktop Weather Radio

Maybe you might only want to receive alerts on warnings rather than watches.

For this, you can install this such that it alerts you to specifically issued warning alerts only. This decreases the number of times you turn off due to the harsh events of weather.

The sound’s quality is usually shown as the best-rated feature of this model, accompanied by the best reception functioning.

This is frequently an issue with the other sort of weather radio models.

It’s essential to have clear signals for the alert system of the SAME to function.

One buyer reviewed a review who remarked that the display was very sharp despite its setting to dim.

Key Features

  • Seven available weather brand channels
  • NOAA weather alert and scan
  • SAME digital technology
  • Voice alter, Alert system, visual LED flashlight.


  • Good reception
  • Customizable alerts
  • The quality of sound is outstanding.
  • The display is large and clear.


  • Some customers find the display is very sharp for use outdoor.

Unboxing/Setup of the Midland WR-400


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