La Crosse 810-805 NOAA/AM/FM Weather RED Alert Super Sport Radio for activities of camping, hiking and boating

Are you looking for the compact and smart design of the weather alert radio? Do not let you get the perfect design in the market? If so, then purchase this La Crosse 810-805 Weather Red Alert Super Sports Radio. You can purchase this weather radio with amazing confidence why because it is made using the super standard materials.

Not only that but also this weather radio offers the right weather report to you. So, you can use this weather radio as flexible while you are involving the open-air activities of camping, hiking, and boating.

Seven different weather channels

Yes, this weather radio offers seven different weather channels. So, it has the capability to provide the up to date information about the weather in your place quickly as well as accurately.

Additional, while you are camping or hiking, you must survive in the night for long hours. For that, the producers have implemented the flashlight in it. So, you can survive safely during the time of night.

Bright display

The show of this weather radio is blue in color so you can clearly know the readings. Remarkable, during the critical or extreme weather, the display turns into a red color and it gives the weather alert. Additional, this weather radio holds the 3.5 mm earphone jacket so, with the support of it, you can hear your favorite music at any time and anywhere you want.

La Crosse 810-805 NOAA/AM/FM Weather RED Alert Super Sport Radio


  • Gets all 7 NOAA weather band channels
  • Up to minute weather detail
  • Mechanically activates with extreme weather or other emergencies threaten your domestic area
  • Blue backlight replaces to red during an alert
  • Standard FM/AM radio reception
  • Red alert LED light flashes during alerts
  • Top standard digital radio
  • Telescoping antenna and 3.5mm earphone jack
  • White LED flashlight (0.5 watt – low use)
  • Hands-free stainless steel hanging clip


  • The standard plastic made of this weather radio is perfect to use all open-air activities.
  • The antenna, being necessary for weather and FM reception is remarkable.
  • The buttons feel strong and responsive.
  • The unit looks as remarkable, or better than the images.
  • Comes with a hands-free clip and carry strap
  • Blue backlight for general use, and red backlight + flashing red LED for weather alerts.
  • Very perfect sound


  • This compact weather radio is pretty high in the cost.
  • The unit has to be turned ON to get weather alerts, so you may need the power adapter for longer use.
  • Does not have a belt clip – I truly would have liked that.
  • It does not have a clock – that is sad to me.
  • The hands-free clip could a bit more robust and helpful.


In the final analysis, you can amazingly handle this weather radio why because it contains the non-slip rubberized outer coating so it can be capable to save the device from the continue falling while you handle it.

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